TMDL Compliance

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) requirements and compliance can be complicated to navigate. TMDLs are the maximum amount of point- or non-point source pollutants allowed to enter a water source so that the water system will meet quality standards for that tested pollutant. The Clean Water Act requires that state environmental agencies propose TMDLs for impaired waters and that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review and approve/disapprove those TMDLs. The Clean Water Act also requires states to compile lists of water bodies that do not fully support beneficial uses such as aquatic life, fisheries, drinking water, recreation, industry, or agriculture; and to prioritize those water bodies for TMDL development. These inventories are known as “303(d) Lists’ ‘ and characterize waters as fully supporting, impaired, or in some cases threatened for various uses.

Northgate supports our public and private clients to ensure they are meeting their TMDL requirements and in compliance with the Clean Water Act. Our TMDL services apply to varying types of projects and settings including  stormwater and groundwater monitoring and  construction site monitoring and management.

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