Data Management and Visualization

Data management can be a critical element of environmental remediation. Modeling and visualizing data often reveal trends that are otherwise difficult to discern, yet critical for informed decisions. Northgate’s team of geospatial and data visualization experts facilitates decision-making through effective data analysis and visual communication of information, using maps, charts, and other graphics to reveal patterns and relationships. Our geospatial services team is adept not only at employing a range of data acquisition, management, and modeling tools, but also at applying them to optimize environmental remediation systems, predict contaminant migration, design and implement complex field investigations, and provide a basis for defensible conclusions and recommendations.

Our Data Management and Visualization services include:

  • 2D and 3D environmental data modeling
  • Chemical fate and transport modeling
  • Watershed, soil vapor, and air dispersion modeling
  • Plume migration and containment evaluations
  • GIS analysis and cartography
  • Database management and statistical analysis
  • Web portals and cloud-based solutions

How Can We Help?

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