Remedial Designs and Implementation

Development of the “right” remedial strategy, including remedial objectives, remedial approaches, and remedial technologies, is crucial to the design and implementation of a cost-effective, technically superior remedy.  Northgate has extensive experience with remedial alternative development, feasibility evaluation, design, and remediation of a wide variety of projects including Brownfield sites, commercial and industrial facilities, utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), landfills, and open space reclamation projects. Our expertise and regulatory knowledge can help guide our clients through the process of defining remedial goals and objectives that are appropriate to site conditions and use while assuring that liability considerations are taken into account. Northgate staff have designed and implemented remedial actions for a wide variety of compounds, including emergent chemicals, utilizing remedial technologies including bioremediation, chemical oxidation, in-situ stabilization, thermal desorption, enhanced natural attenuation, and both soil vapor and dual-phase extraction systems.

How Can We Help?

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