Strategic Planning

The key to achieving success for our clients is accurately understanding their short- and long-term goals, including both risk tolerance and budget. Northgate’s staff has decades of experience providing clients with strategic input on site closure, exit strategies, redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties, and projections of cost and time frames associated with implementation of remediation approaches and how to best integrate with redevelopment . We design remedial strategies that are consistent with the existing and future use of the property, with clear benefits for the environment and the community. Drawing on our detailed technical evaluations and our knowledge of federal, state, and local regulatory frameworks, we provide our clients with a range of options so they can choose the approaches most closely suited to their goals. While our strategies apply to projects at various stages, we have achieved particular success at reducing the environmental and cost impacts of legacy environmental sites. 

Our Strategic Planning services often include:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Liability and cost assessment
  • Conceptual site model development
  • Health risk assessment
  • Beneficial use assessment
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Site-specific action levels
  • Energy, water, and waste audits
  • Statistical analyses
  • Decision analysis
  • Remedial system optimization
  • Cost-benefit and economic assessments
  • Closure plans

How Can We Help?

Feel free to reach out! We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on a communication-based approach to delivering solutions. We always look forward to hearing from potential new clients, teaming partners, and staff talent.