Portfolio Liability

When environmental liabilities are not properly addressed, asset value is at risk. Specific challenges brought on by environmental liability often include unanticipated costs and delays,  time and access constraints, multi-jurisdictional geographic and regulatory complications, as well as resolving differing stakeholder priorities. Northgate helps our clients to holistically assess and manage these liability hurdles by providing timely and comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments, regulatory navigation, digital portfolio dashboarding, tenant audits, energy audits, and often strategic planning and exit strategies. 

There is no substitute for experience when working on portfolio projects — and Northgate has decades of experience in nation-wide portfolio liability assessments and management. Our portfolio experience includes transportation and railway, office, hotel, commercial retail, and industrial properties. 

Our goal is to ensure that our clients have clear financial visibility around property operations and future property transactions. We work to turn liabilities into assets.

How Can We Help?

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