Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning

Adaptation planning is responding to a nonstationary future. While these types of services are often very nuanced and dynamic, examples of how Northgate helps our clients accomplish sea level rise adaptation planning includes the following:

  • Adaptation Action Identification – When various stakeholders are involved, identifying adaptation options typically requires sea level rise education, identification of adaptation strategies, design of feasibility criteria, and selecting adaptation options to advance to in-depth feasibility evaluation.
  • Municipal Planning Support – Many municipalities are upgrading their comprehensive plans to take sea level rise into account, but it can be difficult to identify the best zoning, construction regulation, and other governance improvements that will make the jurisdiction as resilient as possible.
  • Resiliency-oriented Financial Analysis – Conventional fiscal impact analysis, which does not typically take adaptation into account, is about estimation of the net impact of a particular project or economic development effort on the government. When a resiliency perspective is taken into account, these analyses incorporate a range of possible futures to demonstrate how the proposed program or infrastructure will perform financially under a range of future scenarios.

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