air quality

Because air quality is of great concern to regulators, business interests and the general public, Northgate is committed to providing our most expert skills when evaluating, assessing, monitoring, and mitigating potential air quality impacts. Our technical knowledge coupled with our established relationships with regulatory agencies has made Northgate a leader in air quality studies and infrastructure development, allowing us to successfully see our projects from design to completion.

Northgate’s Air Quality Services Include:

  • Air quality screening assessments per CEQA and NEPA guidelines
  • Stationary, mobile, and indirect source emission inventories
  • Atmospheric simulation models of source impacts
  • Evaluation, health risk assessment, and mitigation program planning for urban development and transportation sources
  • Ambient air pollutant monitoring of air toxics and particulates
  • Evaluation and monitoring for naturally occurring asbestos
  • Policy development and permitting
  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventories and planning
  • Vapor intrusion evaluation, monitoring, and mitigation
  • Construction Management, Traffic Control, and Dust Control Plans and compliance monitoring