Developer Portfolio Site Assessments

Northgate performed environmental site assessment and investigation services for a large developer to evaluate 3,200 acres of land for potential redevelopment in unincorporated Orange and Los Angeles Counties that historically operated as an active oil field with active oil production operations since the 1880s. The property contained multiple active and inactive or closed oil wells, roadways, and associated surface equipment and buildings.  The remainder of the property not utilized for oil production had been occupied by nursery operations, beekeeping activities, and livestock grazing. Northgate conducted an initial environmental site assessment to evaluate the historic operations of the property and identify any potential environmental concerns. Concurrent with this assessment, Northgate also conducted investigation scoping efforts for each identified environmental concern to streamline the evaluation and minimize costs. Based on responsiveness to the client, product deliverables, and overall approach, Northgate continues to conduct environmental assessment projects for this client.

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