Corte Madera Wetland Mitigation Bank and Sediment Beneficial Reuse

Northgate working in coordination with the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway Transportation District to characterize a diked area used for disposal of dredge sediment from the Larkspur Ferry terminal. The intent of the design was to return 33 acres of the property to tidal marsh and the remainder of the Site to a recreational area. The dredged fill, future marsh surface soils, and dikes were characterized and statistically analyzed. The results were compared to ecological and human health-based regulatory requirements, action goals for nearby reference sites, and ambient conditions. Based on the analysis, Northgate demonstrated to the Regional Water Quality Control board and the Project Team including stakeholders that the dredge spoils were suitable for wetland reuse.  This outcome minimized the need for soil export and import and allowed for maximum flexibility in the Project Design.

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