sediment services

Northgate supports its clients with creative solutions to manage dredge sediment, seeing dredge sediment as a valuable resource rather than a waste product. The era of managing dredge material through open water disposal is evolving rapidly in favor of innovative and beneficial reuse alternatives. Reuse opportunities are now available that range from shoreline protection, beach nourishment and habitat restoration, to innovative reuse as sustainably sourced construction product materials. Innovative and beneficial reuse is gaining wide support from regulatory agencies and ports throughout the world because of the inherent value of putting the sediment to work in maintaining navigable waterways, combatting sea level rise, and protecting aquatic resources.

Our sediment management services include:

  • Sediment investigation and characterization to determine the distribution and mobility of contaminants
  • Hydrologic analysis of sediment transport
  • Characterization of historical dredge spoils
  • Shoreline erosion and accretion assessment
  • Evaluation and design of sediment disposal and remediation options
  • Technical evaluation of innovative use and beneficial reuse options
  • Working with our established network of partners to incorporate dredge material into construction products, blended soil, grading material, and quarry/mine reclamation material
  • Beneficial reuse analysis of sediment for wetlands restoration, wetlands mitigation banking and shoreline open space development, island creation, and shoreline protection projects
  • Working with our established network of dredging partners to provide turn-key dredging and sediment reuse services
  • Development of ecological health-based screening criteria to support redevelopment option analysis
  • Assessment and design of shoreline protection projects to respond to sea level rise
  • Technical analyses of proposed open-water dredge disposal sites