Northgate’s Commitment to Open Space

open spaceThis past spring, Northgate participated in the Bay Area Open Space Council conference, which brings together many actors committed to fostering the conversation around land conservation, wetlands and open space restoration, and stakeholder interactivity.

Northgate has been actively involved in many wetlands and open space restoration projects over the past years.

These include:

  • the Yosemite Slough Brownfields to Greenfields project, the largest urban wetlands restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • the restoration of Mt. Umunhum at the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve in Santa Clara County, which entailed the conversion of military lands to publicly-accessible open space
  • the Tourtelot cleanup in Benicia, California, the restoration of a former munitions and explosives site to wetlands and open space

Northgate is committed to delivering innovative solutions to our clients and restore value to wetlands and open space properties and other natural resources.