Northgate Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Northgate is pleased to announce that Nathan Berner, PG, Lauren Thatch, PE, and Phil DiFilippo, have joined our Northgate team.

Nathan Berner, PG, our new project geologist, comes to Northgate with over seven years of experience in a wide variety of environmental services, including groundwater sampling and analysis, indoor and outdoor air monitoring, and naturally occurring asbestos evaluations and sampling.

Lauren Thatch, PE, joins Northgate as our new staff engineer. She is a civil engineer with more than three years of experience, mostly on Northern California mine sites.  She has managed the operations and maintenance of several acid mine drainage treatment facilities, employing High Density Sludge and Compost Free Bioreactor treatment technologies.

Phil Difilippo, staff geologist, joins Northgate with five years of experience working primarily in water resources, including production well design, rehabilitation, and testing. His experience includes field and project supervision in over 20 Southern California water districts for high-capacity production wells, injection wells, and slant feeder wells for use in desalination projects.