Northgate Launches Community Initiative

On March 29th, Northgate will launch the Intersection for the Environment initiative with a fundraising party to support organizations working within Oakland to revitalize and strengthen the city through community gardening.

The Bay Area is currently at the forefront of a new urban agriculture revolution. Urban agriculture can provide environmental services, job opportunities, green space, and education opportunities. Urban gardens increase biodiversity and encourage environmental stewardship, and vegetation helps filter and slow storm water run-off. Our Intersection for the Environment initiative is based on a belief shared with the existing groups, that a connection to the earth strengthens our connections to each other.

With this initiative, Northgate wants to harness the expertise and interests of our technical staff to engage and assist City staff and elected officials, Oakland schools, responsible land owners and developers, urban farmers, and community gardeners to put vacant and underutilized land into active and productive use. We hope to serve as a link in the land and neighborhood revitalization chain, by sharing scientific knowledge about soil and water quality, erosion prevention, human health risk, and nature-based cleanup technologies. Together we will explore how urban agriculture is important beyond the simple act of growing sustainable, healthy food: it nourishes not only bodies, but hearts, minds, and communities.

Check the Intersection for the Environment page to find out more information about the event, and the organizations we are celebrating.