Northgate Drone Team Presents at California Geospatial Conference

TAYLORDRONE1Northgate was pleased to share the story of one of our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/drone) projects at the 2017 CalGIS/LocationCon conference in Oakland. In its 23rd year, The CalGIS Conference is considered a premier venue to discuss geospatial technologies.

Northgate associate Taylor Bennett presented a case study from our successful drone mapping and imagery project at the Montezuma wetlands restoration site in the San Francisco estuary.

At the Montezuma wetlands, Northgate and our partner, GeoWing Mapping Inc., conducted a high-resolution aerial survey of a 2,150-acre portion of the Suisun Marsh, which is now being restored from farmland to its original wetland state. Dredged sediments from San Francisco Bay are being used to restore 1,450 acres of intertidal marsh, seasonal and managed wetlands, and shorebird habitat, as well as 425 acres of transitional and upland habitat. Northgate discussed the challenges associated with the acquisition of more than 8,400 aerial images for the orthomosaic and elevation modeling for the Montezuma wetlands site. The new aerial imagery will be used for baseline assessments and to monitor the wetlands for changes over time, supporting adaptive management strategies.

As a side note, also at the CalGIS conference, Northgate’s Bennett was the lucky winner of a coveted door prize — his very own drone!

View the abstract and presentation on the CalGIS website: “UAS-based Orthomosaic and Elevation Modeling for Montezuma Wetland Restoration Project, San Francisco Estuary.”

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