Mobile GIS Application Wins National Association of Counties 2014 Achievement Award

The Mobile GIS Canvassing App has been selected as the National Association of Counties 2014 Achievement GIS ToolAward Winner in the Information Technology category. This award-winning application, developed by the Northgate/Psomas team with the Alameda County Information Technology Department (ITD), serves the 40 appraisers from the Alameda County Assessor’s Office who routinely visit properties to determine assessed property values. This new tool, built on the County’s Enterprise ArcGIS ESRI platform and deployed on tablets and handhelds, is a mobile GIS web application that provides real-time information about properties and the ability to update records on-site. It captures images, increases efficiency, and eliminates the use of paper. Since its deployment in 2013, the app has reduced the commercial canvassing effort by half, and is now serving as a successful proof-of-concept for future mobile technology use by the Assessor’s Office as well as other County agencies. The collaborative effort between ITD and the consultant team lead by Psomas, with Northgate working as a key subconsultant, designed, built, and rolled out the app in groundbreaking time – less than 5 months!  This is one of several GIS-based solutions that Psomas and Northgate are working on for several County departments, including projects for the Public Works Agency, Community Development Agency, the Registrar of Voters, and the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Services.

For more information on the app or to learn more about Northgate’s GIS and data visualization services, contact

Pascual Benito, Associate Engineer.