High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and Photogrammetry Services

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Northgate is excited to announce High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and Photogrammetry Services!

Northgate continues to establish itself as a leader in innovative data acquisition and visualization. Using technologies such as high-resolution aerial photogrammetry obtained with small, unmanned aerial systems (UAS or “drones”), we provide our clients with rapid response site mapping for project planning, remediation design, industrial inspections, environmental monitoring and characterization, and natural resource assessment.

UAS can safely acquire high-resolution, distortion-corrected color imagery over remote and sensitive areas.

Northgate’s scientists and engineers are highly adept at combining accurate imagery and geospatial data with other site-specific information to perform a broad range of environmental analyses and produce intelligible, data-rich visualizations. Because UAS are uniquely capable of repetitive photogrammetric surveys with consistent levels of accuracy, UAS-based photogrammetry is ideally suited for monitoring geotechnical sites and construction earthwork, developing balanced cut-and-fill grading plans and quickly and accurately obtaining volumetric estimates of stockpiles. Northgate scientists also use detailed aerial imagery for baseline assessments, to monitor wetlands for changes over time, and to support adaptive management strategies.

Recent project successes include the collection of high resolution imagery and development of photogrammetry surface models to establish baseline conditions for monitoring wetlands and levees at a 2,000-acre dredged sediment management and disposal facility in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.

Contact Deni Chambers or Taylor Bennett to obtain a project case study and discuss how we can support you with these exciting new capabilities.

Deni Chambers
Taylor Bennett