2017 TechWomen Mentee Update – Congratulations Ijeoma!

28070953_1853799247995383_4391417166583367751_oNorthgate’s 2017 TechWomen mentee, Ijeoma Vincent-Akpu, was recently promoted to Head of the Animal and Environmental Biology Department at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. Previously she was a Senior Lecturer, leading graduate and post-graduate courses on hydrobiology, fisheries biology, aquatic toxicology, environmental impact assessment, coastal resource management, and climate change adaptation.

Ijeoma is most excited about teaching others how to adopt best practices in sustenance-level aquaculture, sparking change in people’s attitudes and relationship to the environment and ecosystem, while improving opportunities and livelihoods in the Niger Delta, especially for at-risk youth. She recently completed a project in Chennai, India, evaluating brackish fish culture as a livelihood option for coastal fishers in the Niger Delta and researched the best water efficiency techniques, breeding conditions, and methods to increase production at the lowest cost.  Ijeoma will bring those lessons back to the Niger Delta through an educational eco-center and “fun-training” events for youth focusing on eco-friendly activities while building self-esteem and encouraging positive social values.

During her time at Northgate, Ijeoma worked with Principal Geologist Maile Smith.  Please join us in congratulating Ijeoma!