sustainable solutions

Northgate develops long-term strategies to incorporate conservation, recycling, and energy efficiency into site investigation, remediation, and property development. We identify opportunities and risks associated with climate change, and advise industry, developer, and government clients on the technical means to minimize natural resource use, reduce their environmental footprints, and anticipate climate change impacts on—and from—their projects.

navigating the regulatory maze

Northgate is a leader in the field of sustainable remediation, and routinely incorporates sustainability principles into our projects, such as balancing environmental costs and benefits, emphasizing resource conservation, and harnessing natural processes to mitigate contamination. We help our clients anticipate, navigate, and comply with various climate change regulations and policies, including the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and local ordinances and policies. Our strategies favor contaminant destruction, recycling and reuse, enhancing biodiversity and native species, and minimizing exposure and risk.

Our services include: